Our Testimonials

Ann Douglas, sponsor

I am the owner of the company. I always provide support for people who are in need. I thinks that I can make somebody's life better. This is important for me because everyone can get into a difficult situation. I like these guys because they do something real

Jack Bronxs, student

I have much free time in summer and I would like to do something for other people. I do not have much money now but I can look after children and do something real. Every sommer I spend in Africa with the guys helping other people

Mark Lolit, lawyer

I work for a big law firm in NY but I always ready to provide legal advice for people who are in need. Some people do not have the required documents to stay for some time in the USA. Only there we can treat children who have problems with health. They won't get such help in their own country. Some of them even do no have passports. I think my help will be important for them.

Steven Hoksley, student

I volunteered in organizing of a cultural festival, so I had a great experience in communicating with foreigners. I was happy to learn much about cultural peculiarities, modern luxury jewelry, etnic clothes and nationsl food of many peoples.

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