How to Start a Newmarket Window Business for the Production of Vinyl Windows

The organization of business in the vinyl windows production will require significant investment. Accelerate the return on payback, ensure a steady flow of customers and increase profits will allow high-quality equipment and a thoughtful development plan.

Before you start

Studying the demand and competition, you will be able to determine the volume of Newmarket window production and types of products. When drafting a business plan, it is necessary to find out the cost of equipment, to conclude preliminary contracts for the supply of raw materials and consumables.

Main risks

Despite the demand for Newmarket windows and other PVC structures, competition in this business is rather high. The danger is represented by large companies that have the ability to execute huge orders and offer tangible discounts. Your advantage is small production volumes and the ability to apply an individual approach to customer satisfaction.

The installation of vinyl windows is characterized by a decline in cold periods. Switching to the installation of structures for which seasonality is not an obstacle, offering discounts, you can minimize losses.


The premise for Newmarket window production should be sought for the production part and for the implementation of window constructions. You should try to combine a production hall, storage facilities and a trading hall in one building.

The sales and order office should be located in the central areas or in busy streets with high traffic of potential customers. The area should allow you to place furniture, the workplace of the seller, shelves with catalogs and samples in the trading floor. Also, trade is facilitated by the presence of several copies of finished products.

General criteria for choosing a manufactory room:

  • Ceiling height is 3,5-4 m.
  • Possibility to organize a warehouse for storage of finished products.
  • Good ventilation (the production process does not allow temperatures above 18 ° C).
  • Possibility to equip a stable power supply (frequency 50 Hz, voltage 380V).
  • The opportunity to organize the right lighting.

    The production premises can be located on the outskirts or outside the city limits. Convenient traffic intersection, the availability of access and the ability to organize parking for several cars are very significant. A great number of customers will choose and buy ready-made windows directly in the warehouse.

    The area of the manufactory should correspond to the planned volumes of production. According to experts, the minimum is 200 square meters. Before purchasing a property or signing a lease, you should decide what equipment you will use to produce Newmarket windows and how it should be located. If the equipment is not properly aligned, the distance between machines is too long or there is not enough free space for mmanoeuvres you will lose time and decrease productivity. It is better to choose a premise that allows you to expand production in due course.

    The most laborious process is the assembly of metal-vinyl structures using ready-made double-glazed windows. For this stage of production, it is necessary to purchase a specialized production line. This type of equipment involves the replacement windows purchased from the manufacturers.

    Savings on the acquisition of glass, self-cutting, installation of remote frames, washing and sealing is minimal. Without using ready-made double-glazed windows, you lose production time. Another point is the use of energy-saving technologies in the manufacture of Newmarket windows on modern equipment of a specialized enterprise. Cooperation with the leading manufacturer of innovative double-glazed windows will be an additional marketing move for your company. It will allow reducing production costs and increasing the productivity of the enterprise.

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